My philosophy

Gardens are so often undervalued as an additional living space.  I think in the UK this has something to do with our rather unpredictable weather, but most gardens are at least the size of the footprint of the house, many are even bigger, so it’s absolutely crazy not to use the space.

A garden that has been designed specifically for you will change the way you feel about your home.  It will enhance the way you live and also add financial value to your property.

A good design will not only make the most of the space you have, including all the practical things like eating out, storing the wheelie bins, hiding the lawnmower, it will also reflect your personal style and the things that inspire you.

You should feel connected to your garden even when you’re viewing it from afar, looking through the window on a cold winter’s day.  It should draw you outside whatever the weather and make you long for the summer months to reappear.

Your garden should ignite your passion and remind you of good times.  And whether you’re inspired by nature, walking along a beach or visiting a bustling city, it’s absolutely possible to create a space that does this.

A great garden will change the way you feel about your home!